Monday, October 18, 2010

The Snow is Coming!!

The snow is coming…

This is a Climatological certainty. As a matter of fact the National Climatic Data Center has recorded as much as half a foot of snowfall in a 2 day span in the month of October in Milwaukee. Meteorologists everywhere will tell you, as much as you can trust them, the snow is coming…

Science aside,

I can remember, faintly, in early October while the leaves were still on the trees making the trek to Kohl’s Department Stores for a Winter Coat and a costume for Halloween , because if it hadn’t already arrived, THE SNOW IS COMING!!

We have control over our existence. Choices are to numerous to count. Humanity and standing upright walking away from our evolutionary past has given us a front brain GPS directory to the map of our lives. This is a God given right like the one the Founders of this nation reasoned made their cession from the English Parliament’s rule possible if not required. A man has choices but know with an empirical certainty, THE SNOW IS COMING!!

The less and less we are required by modern amenities to toil the land, the further away from the seasonal realties we fall. I am sure our forefathers were keenly aware of the change of season. Preparing their children, for the long hard winter ahead, no sooner then the crops had been hauled in from the field. With the firm knowledge that the cold unforgiving earth was coming, the dark and fruitless, the white desert frost was creeping right beyond the horizon, was invisible, but tangible as stone pillars. God, mixing the wind in a new direction and THE SNOW IS COMING!!

I have come of age and with the angst of a town crier I am forced to tell friends and acquaintances with a growing frequency that SNOW IS… you get the idea. Kids seem to wear their jackets with open breast and fashionable, though moronic, sleeveless abandon. Shorts make it deeper and deeper into the fall and hatless heads litter bus stops and school yards into October’s shortened daylight. Lazy mice, my generation, seem dumb struck each year by the drifts of ice that pile up on their doorsteps. Towed cars and shovel-less garages marking a lack of awareness that the seasons change and the winter is upon us.

My family would deep freeze Thanksgiving leftovers and wrap windows with plastic long before the frost was on the grass. The first chilly morning seldom found us unprepared. It is this nurtured instinct for southern flight that makes me keenly aware of the season. I can hear my Grandma Brown marching out gloves and mittens, purchasing spices and looking for pomegranates months before they arrive.


prepare, cover your head and store up previsions for the months ahead.

Just in case no one else says it to you…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


One of the unfortunate things about being mortal, other than your actual death, is the unrelenting reality that your demise is imminent. It can be a unwavering terror, if not for intoxicants and human interaction.

Death is promised to us all. There is no escape from this fundamental truth and every thought if explored, with any honesty, has this underlining idea at its base.

Having said this…ISN’T LIFE GRAND!!

I have come to the conclusion, threw a life long exploration, that there is no cause to worry about death. Your worry can not affect the outcome of your existence, in the least. YOU WILL DIE, are dying and the sooner you accept that fact, pay your tab at the bar, and get on with your life the better.

I have chosen to begin my writing of this particular blog with this ultimate truth. I thought that getting this out the way, would clear up time, for more trivial discussions and humor. I am praying that I can find in what ever creative genes, that I am wearing, triviality and humor enough to post here at least weekly. This is an adventure for me into the unknown, as I am sure it is for you. BE EASY, we are going to have fun. I am not the most effective writer and am sure that if you are searching my posts for grammatical errors it will be rife with them so keep your comments about word usage or spelling to your self.

This is just the beginning…see you soon!